Rogue Trader

Episode XIII

Wander Home

“Set sail for Port Wander”, says Lord Captain Octavious. With only a few crew members the ship is very vulnerable and a Port Wander would be a good location to assemble new crew members. It’s been a year since the Razor was seen and many things have changed. Many of the assets under the warrant of trade have lost some value. Just before leaving the warp the voice of Adorjin speaks to Gabriel, “A puzzle will become the answer, don’t let it go.”

Upon docking with Port Wander the Captain says, “Lord Captain Gabriel Octavious of the Pheonix 15, requesting permission to dock.” The docks are buzzing with trade and military personnel equipped for war.

The four crew leave at local hangout called ‘The Blind Eye’’ to gather new crew – they have trouble because of the reputation of losing an entire ship and crew. The start to have Mirrabe setup manufacturing of a new drug they call “The Q”. A synthetic hallucinogen made from the remains of the Quadra-pus. A waitress brings a round of drinks and says, ‘These are to the Fenghuang (chinese for Pheonix) Gabriel and his crew from up there’. She points to a table in the second balcony. Sitting is the booth with several exotic women is Jeremiah Blitz. He walks down shakes Octavious hand and begins to tell some of the Dread Pearl events.

The discovery and claim of the Dread pearl planet by first Lady Sun Lee who was killed by the Eldar whom didn’t see the claim valid. Then Lord Admiral and his military might took the planet from them and several factions of the Eldar have declared open war on any terran vessel in the black.

A woman walks up to the table and Jeremiah kisses Mirrabe’s hand and before leaving says, “Let me know when you want to join my crew Red. There will always be a place for you.” The woman is armed and very looks like a very capable bounty hunter. Much of the woman natural form has been replaced with machines. She calls herself Eclipse Phase.

Eclipse Phase wishes to talk to Roland and Gideon about some things on Scintilla. There was a series of gruesome murders by a ‘creature called Turzai’ and a theft. First Roland’s arranged wife Sheva has been married to High Emperor Remi Dante and this has caused additional embarrassment to the Lannister family. The family is very disappointed and there is an issue with an artifact from the vaults of the Lannisters – it appears a codex was was stolen and replaced with a replica. Now if the original could be found then much honor could be gained by its return. Otherwise the resources of the Adeptus Mechanicus will be used to locate it and deal with its criminals. Eclipse gives Roland her contact information and says, “I highly suggest dealing with this matter quickly.”

Then an inquisitor comes in Alaric Ravenor to talk with the group. He is willing to overlook some very disturbing chaotic forces among his group. There is an eye piece the inquisition is tracking with ties to this mythical Quindecimus Nox. Now the analysis of the eye piece shows its to be connected to a codex. He believes this codex is the one on Scintilla in the vaults of the Lannister estates. If you can retrieve it many transgressions can be forgiven.
Mirrabe begins to get pale and feels like her insides have dropped out of her. Mirrabe is dying. Roland uses his warp senses and can see Mirrabe’s life energy leaving her body. They follow the trail which takes them back to their ship and into the Queens cell. Queen Ziyi is hanging herself in her cell. They dispatch the queen again but still dont know what to do with her.

They get a call from Jeremiah to meet him at Warehouse 5. He has some very important information about the Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisition visitors they met today. They arrive at he warehouse and enter to find a single figure in the darkness. The door closes behind them. They have walked right into an ambush. Snipers in the rafters fire as gas flows from the center figure. The team takes several hits but they do finally eliminate the last attacker. After the smoke clears they approach the figure in the center of the warehouse. It was only a dummy but it does have a sign. “I am back and I will kill you my brother.”



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