Rogue Trader

Episode XII

Rise of the Pheonix

Returning to the queens chamber via the portal, Queen Ziyi and Mirrabe find the wives Mina and Tomiko swaying with a strange absence in their eyes. The room is filled with the smell of burning promethium and some native flower. Queen Ziyi turns to Mirrabe and says, “The sister’s and I have agreed. Would you like to become one of the sisterhood? We can use that crashed ship and leave this rock. Start a revolution. Start a new society where women rule and men are objects. Til one day I become Queen of all and replaces the failed feeble man emperor.”

Mirrabe cautiously agrees. Ziyi offers a drink to Mirrabe which she consumes. Suddenly her mind feels empty and her only thoughts are of Ziyi. Mirrabe snaps to her senses when Ziyi kisses her as the final act of the ritual. Ziyi gives Mirrabe a vial of liquid she must give Roland. The liquid will place him in a state of suspended animation. When they are in the darkness of space he can be revived to navigate them back to port wander where they can kill him and get a female navigator. Mirrabe leaves the chamber with the vial and heads to the teams hidden meeting place.

She tells the crew about the crashed ship and the ritual and Ziyi’s plan to leave. Leaving on the ship will destroy the planet so Ajani agrees to help the team eliminate Ziyi before she can execute her plan. During the meeting Reverend White walks over to Mirrabe and says, “My dear what did you do? May the God Emperors grace reign over you. Your life force is no longer your own. It has been tied to the Queens. She cannot die as long as one of her wives lives.”

The team using passages known my the Ajani rebels sneak into the palace. They encounter little resistance. They battle with Ayumi and some soldiers but after dispatching them they burst into the queens chambers. A long battle between the team and the queen and her wives take place. They manage to eliminate the queens wives Mina and Kiko and finally focus on the queen herself. Eventually they overpower her and force her to take the potion she intended for Roland. The queen drops into a catatonic slumber. Then the team escape into the portal before Ajani can destroy it. They get aboard the crashed ship and fire up the engines.

The small planet begins to break up as the new ship sets course to a new star system.



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