Rogue Trader

Episode VIII

Dread Pearl

The morale on the Razor has been dropping. The deamon of cold has not been witnessed in 15 days and the stress on the warp drives meant an additional 30 days in the warp. They finally reach their destination only to find a peaceful galaxy. No warp storm. No Dread Pearl planet. Scans indicate they are in perfect location. Four dead worlds and one living. An alien structure can be barely scanned on the planet Quppa-15 surface. Planet is temperate but is covered in very dangerous electrical storms. Forest and storms requires the crew to touch down 15km away from the structure.

The area around the structure is forested but spires from the structure can be seen from the landing site. The exploration team travels to the structure. Several hours into the trek they climb down a ragged cliff into a marshy area and are attacked by a huge creature. The “Quadrapus” lashes out with deadly accurate tentacles which collide with tremendous force. A brutal firefight ends when the mighty bolter shell explodes in the beast.

The team continues to the base of the platform and find a graffiti 7 on one of the platform spires. Mirrabe climbs up the spire leading the rest of the team by rope. When they reach the top two forms are examining the center of the platform. A mutant twist and an armoured foe none other than Bronson Cicero; Gabriel’s brother. Immediately, Gabriel draws his pistol and blasts the twist. The rest of the team attack and end up killing Bronson.

A screaching sound it heard and a tzeench beast flies over the platform The massive kite-like creature eats the remains of Bronson and glides off without facing the team. They investigate the top of the platform and discover its a map which directs them to five locations. They travel back to the gun cutter and are greeted by a man roasting some rodent over a fire.



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