Rogue Trader

Episode VII

On Board the Razor

The Razor entered the warp enroute to the Dread Pearl. Gideon awakes to find a trail of tarot cards to a locker in his room. The locker has a knife dripping with blood with a single tarot card attached. Grasping the blade completes Gideon’s initiation into the Astral Knives. Asturias Oh telepathically informs Roland about his doubts in the Honshu murder just before warning klaxons blare. A deamon was found aboard and is killing crew on flight deck two. The team battles the monstrosity and Mirrabe uses a ruse to flush out a member of the Crimson Flowers. They track down the leads until they search the room of Eric Lucien, the master at arms aboard ship. He is taken prisoner but manages to kill himself with a cyanide capsule. Evidence in his room lead the team to Rasputin Segovia. The only other member of the core council who could have known about some of the information recorded. Rasputin triggers a trap which kills him and injures Roland. The gellar field is failing and the door is locked. Gideon uses his new maho power to teleport into the control room and reactivate the field. The air gets cold and unnaturally dark. Another deamon is aboard the Razor.



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