Rogue Trader

Episode IX


The battered crew make it back to the fallen gun cutter and find a man roasting a small creature over a fire. The man has dried blood surrounding makeshift stitches across his neck. The wound causes his voice to be strained and raspy. He introduces himself as Drexus Skarr an exiled commander aboard the Bernoulli’s Principle. He was cast off the ship and stranded on this planet for disobeying orders. He was originally a soldier aboard the Razor but joined the Principle when Bronson was granted the ship after the death of Gabriel’s father Grambling. An unnatural silence is broadcast on vox causing the team to check their micro-beads but no communication can be heard from the Razor. The night sky full of turmoil earlier is clear and peaceful. A beautiful falling star beckons from the heavens. “The death of a starship can be a beautiful sight”, whispers Drexus. The realization drops upon the team – Occam’s Razor has been destroyed.

Distress signals begin to blare from the gun cutter control center. Four rescue beacons appear. Two land in the northern continent, one lands on an island, and the fourth remains in orbit. The team decide to investigate the island beacon because its the closest and the planet is siphoning energy from all powered devices. The team, including Drexus, fly east toward the signal. Right after take off the peaceful sky starts to turn angry. Storm clouds swell across the horizon in all directions. The only way to the signal is directly into the storms.

The gun cutter is bounced causing anything not locked down to become a deadly projectile. Gabriel struggles with the craft as they approach the island. Suddenly an explosion rocks the vessel as its struck by lightning. An emergency landing nearly kills Kharr but the rest of the crew venture into the island.

The journey is uneventful except for a run by attack by some creature. They reach the distress signal and find a long abandoned city. Most of the stone buildings are in ruins and covered with vegetation. The center of the city towers a stone pyramid and behind that pillars of smoke rise toward the sky. The rescue craft has landed behind the pyramid and a single survivor is burning the rest of the dead on a funeral pyre. The survivor is Reverend deHaviland White. He greets the team and tells them about the death of the Razor. Then several zombied creatures appear from the surrounding area. The team fights the zombies but take refuge inside the temple.

The heptagon shaped room has a single statue at its center. A warrior female holding a metal disc. Suddenly the walls erupt into flames and a fire born creature walks out of the fire. The crew attack the creature and manage to slay it with Adorjin’s sword. The metal disc is given to Mirrabe and a humanoid form appears in the flames. The form says only, “You have proven yourself worthy to be the Novus Ra”. The fires are extinguished and the temple door is opened.



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