Rogue Trader

Episode XIV
Web of Lies

After the battle in the warehouse, the team regroups aboard The Phoenix. After evaluating several leads, they decide on visiting Damaris but first they need to buy or find one thousand slaves. Mirrabe establishes a contact in the Port Wander underground who happens to have enough slaves on site. A smuggling operation is set up to bring them aboard the ship.

While in the markets Gabriel is greeted with a familiar voice, “Hey Gabs”. Jeremiah Blitz smiles at Gabriel. “I heard about the warehouse. You are such a knave but it is entertaining watching you bumble around space. There are so many strings pulling you around and you just follow them.” Jeremiah turns to Mirrabe and says, “You sure you want to travel with him Red? You can always join my ship. Speaking of ships. I would be careful with that one. Report are the Adeptus Mechanicus is very interested in some technologies aboard. Mainly a cloaking device and the nova cannon weapon.”

The away team travel back to the docks and are prevented from taking the shuttle. The guard captain says no passengers are allowed to enter the ship because it is being confiscated by the Adeptus Mechanicus. A persuasive bribe allows the team to board while the guards are ‘on a break’.

The Phoenix launches from Port Wander only to be intercepted by two attack craft and a military cruiser. “Your ship is now the property of the Port Wander guard. Failure to stop will bring about your destruction.” With that order, Gabriel accelerates away from the cruiser.

The two attackcraft quickly pursue and launch an attack on The Phoenix. Mennias takes control of one the weapon systems and blasts one attacking vessel into scraps, while Malachi tries to seance with the Machine Spirit to activate the cloaking system. An intense chase begins. Gabriel takes control of the ship and begins evasive maneuvers, Roland begins his navigator rituals to plot a course to Damaris, the rest of the team quickly command teams for damage control. Gideon takes this opportunity to intimidate Queen Ziyi hoping to acquire information about how to break the link between her and Mirrabe.

The cruiser in pursuit places a deadly volley which cripples The Pheonix. Mirrabe grabs a communicator and calls in a favor. The wounded ship continues its escape attempt and Gideon finds himself alone locked in the Queen’s cell. Her psychic powers prove a bit much for his fortitude. Using his maho translocation ability he begins tracking her within the ship. He spots her on one of the ships monitors and head quickly to the flight deck to intercept her.

A massive explosion rocks the chasing cruiser and Jeremiah Blitz announces, “You’re welcome.” Jeremiah’s grand cruiser escapes rather than delivering a killing blow to the enforcer’s cruiser.

Roland continues to prepare for warp translation while a standoff begins on the flight deck. Mennias track’s the Queen onto the flight deck and enters from the opposite side. Malachi enters from behind the queen and Gideon enters from the side. Queen Ziyi is making a dash for one of the transports so Mirrabe hacks into the security system and locks the bay doors and disables the transports. Suddenly, an explosion rips the bay doors off the deck and the atmosphere gets sucked out of the dock. Mennias manages to reach the Queen despite the winds only to be struck by a bullet from Gideon. Ziyi is still in complete control of Gideon and willed him to shoot at Mennias. While Mennias is staggered by the shot Ziyi takes this opportunity to lock herself into a transport.

Roland finally translates the ship into the warp and the vacuum is rent by the activation of the Gellar Field. The team discusses an agreement with Ziyi. She agrees to release Gideon and Mirrabe if they let her leave at the next civilized world. She used the transport as a cabin and the crew avoid the flight deck and lock her in that area.

“Sir I think you should see this.” announces an engineer to Malachi. When Malachi arrives in the engineering deck he sees the black tar like substance the engineer pointed out. The ichor is pulsating like its has a heartbeat. Abrubtly, the ooze launches out at Malachi and it burns like acid wherever it touches. Malachi levels his bolt pistol at the creature and blasts it into particles. Something foreign is aboard the ship.

Episode XIII
Wander Home

“Set sail for Port Wander”, says Lord Captain Octavious. With only a few crew members the ship is very vulnerable and a Port Wander would be a good location to assemble new crew members. It’s been a year since the Razor was seen and many things have changed. Many of the assets under the warrant of trade have lost some value. Just before leaving the warp the voice of Adorjin speaks to Gabriel, “A puzzle will become the answer, don’t let it go.”

Upon docking with Port Wander the Captain says, “Lord Captain Gabriel Octavious of the Pheonix 15, requesting permission to dock.” The docks are buzzing with trade and military personnel equipped for war.

The four crew leave at local hangout called ‘The Blind Eye’’ to gather new crew – they have trouble because of the reputation of losing an entire ship and crew. The start to have Mirrabe setup manufacturing of a new drug they call “The Q”. A synthetic hallucinogen made from the remains of the Quadra-pus. A waitress brings a round of drinks and says, ‘These are to the Fenghuang (chinese for Pheonix) Gabriel and his crew from up there’. She points to a table in the second balcony. Sitting is the booth with several exotic women is Jeremiah Blitz. He walks down shakes Octavious hand and begins to tell some of the Dread Pearl events.

The discovery and claim of the Dread pearl planet by first Lady Sun Lee who was killed by the Eldar whom didn’t see the claim valid. Then Lord Admiral and his military might took the planet from them and several factions of the Eldar have declared open war on any terran vessel in the black.

A woman walks up to the table and Jeremiah kisses Mirrabe’s hand and before leaving says, “Let me know when you want to join my crew Red. There will always be a place for you.” The woman is armed and very looks like a very capable bounty hunter. Much of the woman natural form has been replaced with machines. She calls herself Eclipse Phase.

Eclipse Phase wishes to talk to Roland and Gideon about some things on Scintilla. There was a series of gruesome murders by a ‘creature called Turzai’ and a theft. First Roland’s arranged wife Sheva has been married to High Emperor Remi Dante and this has caused additional embarrassment to the Lannister family. The family is very disappointed and there is an issue with an artifact from the vaults of the Lannisters – it appears a codex was was stolen and replaced with a replica. Now if the original could be found then much honor could be gained by its return. Otherwise the resources of the Adeptus Mechanicus will be used to locate it and deal with its criminals. Eclipse gives Roland her contact information and says, “I highly suggest dealing with this matter quickly.”

Then an inquisitor comes in Alaric Ravenor to talk with the group. He is willing to overlook some very disturbing chaotic forces among his group. There is an eye piece the inquisition is tracking with ties to this mythical Quindecimus Nox. Now the analysis of the eye piece shows its to be connected to a codex. He believes this codex is the one on Scintilla in the vaults of the Lannister estates. If you can retrieve it many transgressions can be forgiven.
Mirrabe begins to get pale and feels like her insides have dropped out of her. Mirrabe is dying. Roland uses his warp senses and can see Mirrabe’s life energy leaving her body. They follow the trail which takes them back to their ship and into the Queens cell. Queen Ziyi is hanging herself in her cell. They dispatch the queen again but still dont know what to do with her.

They get a call from Jeremiah to meet him at Warehouse 5. He has some very important information about the Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisition visitors they met today. They arrive at he warehouse and enter to find a single figure in the darkness. The door closes behind them. They have walked right into an ambush. Snipers in the rafters fire as gas flows from the center figure. The team takes several hits but they do finally eliminate the last attacker. After the smoke clears they approach the figure in the center of the warehouse. It was only a dummy but it does have a sign. “I am back and I will kill you my brother.”

Episode XII
Rise of the Pheonix

Returning to the queens chamber via the portal, Queen Ziyi and Mirrabe find the wives Mina and Tomiko swaying with a strange absence in their eyes. The room is filled with the smell of burning promethium and some native flower. Queen Ziyi turns to Mirrabe and says, “The sister’s and I have agreed. Would you like to become one of the sisterhood? We can use that crashed ship and leave this rock. Start a revolution. Start a new society where women rule and men are objects. Til one day I become Queen of all and replaces the failed feeble man emperor.”

Mirrabe cautiously agrees. Ziyi offers a drink to Mirrabe which she consumes. Suddenly her mind feels empty and her only thoughts are of Ziyi. Mirrabe snaps to her senses when Ziyi kisses her as the final act of the ritual. Ziyi gives Mirrabe a vial of liquid she must give Roland. The liquid will place him in a state of suspended animation. When they are in the darkness of space he can be revived to navigate them back to port wander where they can kill him and get a female navigator. Mirrabe leaves the chamber with the vial and heads to the teams hidden meeting place.

She tells the crew about the crashed ship and the ritual and Ziyi’s plan to leave. Leaving on the ship will destroy the planet so Ajani agrees to help the team eliminate Ziyi before she can execute her plan. During the meeting Reverend White walks over to Mirrabe and says, “My dear what did you do? May the God Emperors grace reign over you. Your life force is no longer your own. It has been tied to the Queens. She cannot die as long as one of her wives lives.”

The team using passages known my the Ajani rebels sneak into the palace. They encounter little resistance. They battle with Ayumi and some soldiers but after dispatching them they burst into the queens chambers. A long battle between the team and the queen and her wives take place. They manage to eliminate the queens wives Mina and Kiko and finally focus on the queen herself. Eventually they overpower her and force her to take the potion she intended for Roland. The queen drops into a catatonic slumber. Then the team escape into the portal before Ajani can destroy it. They get aboard the crashed ship and fire up the engines.

The small planet begins to break up as the new ship sets course to a new star system.

Episode XI
Seeds of Rebellion

The team admire red and gold silk kimono’s which lay upon beds in their very opulent rooms. They don the new attire; with weapons and armor underneath and leave to attend a dinner in their honor. An elderly servant escorts them to a large banquet hall. A long center table seats about forty and all but four seats near the queen are claimed. A king’s feast is spread across the table. The room is decorated with long red silk wall covering and all of the guests are wearing red kimonos including the queens personal guards.

The queen, Ziyi, takes her seat at the head of the table and all other other guests sit in silence. The team is escorted to their seats next to the queen while a servant walks behind each member carrying a red pillow. On the pillow lie a diasho, a large and small sword signifying a high rank within their society explains the queen. When the team take their gifts General Katsemoto stands and aggressively speaks at Roland. The audience is in obvious shock at his outburst. The queen stands and he immediately bows his head. She chastises him for embarrassing her and he reluctantly takes his seat.

The meal was festive with animated chatter across the table and soothing harps playing in the background. The citizens thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and eagerly consumed all manner of food and drink. While the desserts are being plated, Ziyi pulls Mirrabe aside and questions her if a navigator is required to travel the warp; what is a minimum crew needed to pilot a starship. Suddenly, a gasp is heard from the attendees. Gabriel’s eyes have turned white and whispy white tendrils; in the shape of wings grow from his back. He draws his gaze to the chamber ceiling and see three crawling deamonic cat like creatures.

Roland recognizes the Adorjin warning, draws his working hell pistol and fires at one of the deamons. The creature leaps away from the blast and directly at Roland; who stumbles back surprised by the creatures agile evasion. The deamon lands on him driving him to the floor. A fierce melee ensues. Gabriel and the sword of Adorjin prove to be a devastating weapon against the creatures. General Katsemoto keeps himself between the queen and any attacker. Roland manages to blast the ceiling, the second course meal, and a harp. Finally with the final deamon crouching along the floor; ready to pounce at the queen; Roland fires a deady stream of melting plasma directly into General Katsemoto’s chest. The general’s arms drop to his side and he fall’s like a domino. After the last deamon is killed, the queen informs the crew these demonic encounters are not uncommon. The planet is filled with perilous fauna and flora.

The next morning, Ayumi, the escort and translator for the group, takes them to a meeting room where one of the rescue ship’s captains is waiting. The team conducts interviews with all three and find one story is not trustworthy. The captain sent to the northern crash site – the largest portion of the Razor may not be telling the truth. He claims to have been forced back by dropping winter temperatures. The other captain brought back some member’s of the crew. The team talk the surviving crew members but keep them imprisoned for now. Werner Ghost, the Astral Knife with the gift of visions, tells Gabriel his vision. He saw a giant fiery bird rise from a planet shattering it into pieces.

Based on information gathered by Mirrabe, the team ask to see the mines outside the city palisades. The request is granted but Ayumi, brings extra guards and the team is given horses to travel. Traveling outside the walls can be extremely dangerous. While traveling out of the city, Ayumi see’s a teenage boy painting on a wall and instantly races after him. The boy manages to escape in a crowd and the team see the graffiti created by the lad. It is a lion head inscribed in a circle. Ayumi explains this is the symbol of some terrorists who continue to vandalize and destroy property in the city. She doesn’t think they are much of threat just some bored youth.

The company travel into the wilderness following a winding path higher into the surrounding mountains. They manage to reach the mines without an incident and see miners extracting a crystal or gem-like substance. Gabriel, a ship-born, recognizes the substance as promethium a possible fuel for starships. Ayumi, informs the team mining this substance is a direct order from the queen and they have been doing it for several months now. They haven’t used it for anything yet. It is just being stockpiled.

They quickly travel back to the safety of the city and when they are quartering their mounts a nearby building is rocked by an explosion. Ayumi quickly jumps in to help some of the injured. A cloaked man whispers into Mirrabe’s ear, “Meet at the dock midnight” as he walks by. The cloaked man quickly blends into the crowd. They reach the palace and being investigating the ship captain’s again only to find they all have died – “accidentally”.

Using sheets they repel down from their balconies to meet the cloaked figure. They manage to reach the docks unseen and the cloaked man finds them. The man is part of the rebellion but its not quite the story the queen explained. He takes the team deep into underground tunnels until they finally reach a small room with a meager box for a table and a few chairs. The cloaked figure leaves and a large humanoid figure enters the room. He is Ajani, the leader of the rebellion.
His people were the original ruler’s and they found Ziyi as a young woman after she escaped slavery aboard Rogue Trader vessel. She quickly amassed a following which brought about a civil war. Her psychic powers continued to grow. She could cloud the minds of men making but not the Nekojin. Frustrated, she created a new curse for them. Using her dark magic she transformed them into cat-like savage deamonic creatures ending the civil war. Some of Nekojin were able to resist the curse. Ajani is the leader of these few and has amassed a small rebel force.

He asked the team for help. They need to find a weakness. They need to discover why the queen has such interest in two locations. One the Razor’s crash site and the other is the queen’s wives chamber. Only the queen and her wives have ever been in there. Several attempts have been made to gain entry and all have fatally ended. But the queen has a new favorite. An infatuation, which could be useful, Mirrabe could be able to gain access to the chamber.

Mirrabe agrees. During another conversation between Mirrabe and Ziyi, the queen asks about Mirrabe’s loyalty to the Razor’s crew. Could she leave them? Mirrabe convinces her enough that Ziyi says, “I think its time you met the other’s”. Ziyi takes Mirrabe into the chamber. Its filled with books, artifacts, and strange relics. A powerful incense fills the room and at the center are plush pillows with two beautiful women. She introduces them as Mina, Tomiko her companions and she is optimistic that Mirrabe could join them. At the back of the room is metallic arch engraved with strange writing. Mirrabe cant read the glyphs but knows they are in Eldar tongue. Two pots of burning promethium flank the arch and Ziyi grabs some promethium and places it on the arch. The fires dances across the arch and a warp tunnel is formed within it. Ziyi pulls Mirrabe close and with a slight smile says, “I want to show you something.” They walk thru the portal.

On the other side of the portal, they are standing on a damaged platform in the frozen reaches of the planet. The portal transported them to the crash site of the Razor. The fallen hull of the Razor damaged the platform and created a massive crevasse in the ice. “See our fates are intertwined. I’ve pondered ways to release the craft but the fortune of your arrival has opened our door. Now we can leave this planet and create the society we’ve wanted.”

Looking down, at the Razor, Mirrabe sees the truth. The crash of the Razor uncovered a buried starship. An ancient starship of foreign design left under the ice for millenium. A craft for their escape or a vehicle the spear Ziyi’s new society.

Episode X
New Hope

The weeks of scavenging for food and shelter has taken a toll on the stranded team. They are weakened from a lack of nourishment and rest. The planet has set out to destroy the will of the crew. Wildlife continues to attack the crew and plants found are poisonous or outright deadly predators. One night five infected zombies attack the crew who have taken refuge at the guncutter crash site. A frenzied battle occurs in the minimal light of the campfire. The crew eventually subdue the attackers but are exhausted and wounded as a result.

The next morning hope arrives. In the distance three ships are heading toward the shores. The ships are large sailing vessels which moor themselves hundreds of yards offshore. Several boats row toward the crash site. Men, dressed in samurai armor, exit the the boats and are led by a leader with a sun banner hoisted above him.

Their leader approaches the team on shore while his army begins to circle the group. The team raises their arms in surrender when Roland uses his warp eye to blast the commander. Immediately arrows are loosed at the team. Roland is pierced by five of them and collapses in the sand; nearing death. The rest of the crew is forced into the earth face first by ranting warriors. They speak a language similar to low gothic but too distant to be understood. Once the commander awakens from the warp blast he takes his wakizashi and removes Roland’s right thumb.

The team is taken aboard the moored vessels as prisoners. Their wounds are treated and after a several day journey they are taken above. The ship is approaching a grand city built into the hills. The team is escorted into the main palace and are forced to bow in front of the queen. To the teams surprise the queen lets them go and gives Mirrabe a warm hug. She is from Mosul the same planet as Mirrabe. She has been the queen of these people for some time but longs to leave the planet and start a new ‘equal’ civilization.

The team is given quarters in the palace along with silk robes. They are the guests of honor at a banquet for the queen.

Episode IX

The battered crew make it back to the fallen gun cutter and find a man roasting a small creature over a fire. The man has dried blood surrounding makeshift stitches across his neck. The wound causes his voice to be strained and raspy. He introduces himself as Drexus Skarr an exiled commander aboard the Bernoulli’s Principle. He was cast off the ship and stranded on this planet for disobeying orders. He was originally a soldier aboard the Razor but joined the Principle when Bronson was granted the ship after the death of Gabriel’s father Grambling. An unnatural silence is broadcast on vox causing the team to check their micro-beads but no communication can be heard from the Razor. The night sky full of turmoil earlier is clear and peaceful. A beautiful falling star beckons from the heavens. “The death of a starship can be a beautiful sight”, whispers Drexus. The realization drops upon the team – Occam’s Razor has been destroyed.

Distress signals begin to blare from the gun cutter control center. Four rescue beacons appear. Two land in the northern continent, one lands on an island, and the fourth remains in orbit. The team decide to investigate the island beacon because its the closest and the planet is siphoning energy from all powered devices. The team, including Drexus, fly east toward the signal. Right after take off the peaceful sky starts to turn angry. Storm clouds swell across the horizon in all directions. The only way to the signal is directly into the storms.

The gun cutter is bounced causing anything not locked down to become a deadly projectile. Gabriel struggles with the craft as they approach the island. Suddenly an explosion rocks the vessel as its struck by lightning. An emergency landing nearly kills Kharr but the rest of the crew venture into the island.

The journey is uneventful except for a run by attack by some creature. They reach the distress signal and find a long abandoned city. Most of the stone buildings are in ruins and covered with vegetation. The center of the city towers a stone pyramid and behind that pillars of smoke rise toward the sky. The rescue craft has landed behind the pyramid and a single survivor is burning the rest of the dead on a funeral pyre. The survivor is Reverend deHaviland White. He greets the team and tells them about the death of the Razor. Then several zombied creatures appear from the surrounding area. The team fights the zombies but take refuge inside the temple.

The heptagon shaped room has a single statue at its center. A warrior female holding a metal disc. Suddenly the walls erupt into flames and a fire born creature walks out of the fire. The crew attack the creature and manage to slay it with Adorjin’s sword. The metal disc is given to Mirrabe and a humanoid form appears in the flames. The form says only, “You have proven yourself worthy to be the Novus Ra”. The fires are extinguished and the temple door is opened.

Episode VIII
Dread Pearl

The morale on the Razor has been dropping. The deamon of cold has not been witnessed in 15 days and the stress on the warp drives meant an additional 30 days in the warp. They finally reach their destination only to find a peaceful galaxy. No warp storm. No Dread Pearl planet. Scans indicate they are in perfect location. Four dead worlds and one living. An alien structure can be barely scanned on the planet Quppa-15 surface. Planet is temperate but is covered in very dangerous electrical storms. Forest and storms requires the crew to touch down 15km away from the structure.

The area around the structure is forested but spires from the structure can be seen from the landing site. The exploration team travels to the structure. Several hours into the trek they climb down a ragged cliff into a marshy area and are attacked by a huge creature. The “Quadrapus” lashes out with deadly accurate tentacles which collide with tremendous force. A brutal firefight ends when the mighty bolter shell explodes in the beast.

The team continues to the base of the platform and find a graffiti 7 on one of the platform spires. Mirrabe climbs up the spire leading the rest of the team by rope. When they reach the top two forms are examining the center of the platform. A mutant twist and an armoured foe none other than Bronson Cicero; Gabriel’s brother. Immediately, Gabriel draws his pistol and blasts the twist. The rest of the team attack and end up killing Bronson.

A screaching sound it heard and a tzeench beast flies over the platform The massive kite-like creature eats the remains of Bronson and glides off without facing the team. They investigate the top of the platform and discover its a map which directs them to five locations. They travel back to the gun cutter and are greeted by a man roasting some rodent over a fire.

Episode VII
On Board the Razor

The Razor entered the warp enroute to the Dread Pearl. Gideon awakes to find a trail of tarot cards to a locker in his room. The locker has a knife dripping with blood with a single tarot card attached. Grasping the blade completes Gideon’s initiation into the Astral Knives. Asturias Oh telepathically informs Roland about his doubts in the Honshu murder just before warning klaxons blare. A deamon was found aboard and is killing crew on flight deck two. The team battles the monstrosity and Mirrabe uses a ruse to flush out a member of the Crimson Flowers. They track down the leads until they search the room of Eric Lucien, the master at arms aboard ship. He is taken prisoner but manages to kill himself with a cyanide capsule. Evidence in his room lead the team to Rasputin Segovia. The only other member of the core council who could have known about some of the information recorded. Rasputin triggers a trap which kills him and injures Roland. The gellar field is failing and the door is locked. Gideon uses his new maho power to teleport into the control room and reactivate the field. The air gets cold and unnaturally dark. Another deamon is aboard the Razor.

Episode VI

The crew traveled to Warehouse 15 to meet with the hunter Maximus Bane who was trying to trade a rare laser pistol for Mirrabe. Bane was alone in the warehouse and during the exchange. He had the gun but Gabriel was not going to give up Mirrabe so the meeting escalated into violence. After a quick fire fight Bane was shot in the back by Mirrabe from the warehouse shadows. Gabriel takes the pistol and the team travels to the reading of Seven Witches. The witches are going to tell the location of the Dread Pearl. Before the reading Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh tries one more time to get Gabriel removed from the reading but again he refuses. The witches appear and everyone in the chamber fall to the ground and dream. The dream show the location of the Dread Pearl. All of the attendees rush to their spacecrafts and embark. The five members of the Astral Knives believe that ‘Horus’s Razor’ will take them to Damaris so they negotiate passage. The ship is held up by the the ground crew and a substantial bribe is required to remove the locks. The Razor travels to the edge of the sector and begins its descent into the warp; the rise of the Valkyries plays while the crew utters prayers to the God Emperor. Just before crossing into the immaterium they spot Bernoulli’s principle and Baron Scourge together.


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