Rogue Trader

Episode XIV

Web of Lies

After the battle in the warehouse, the team regroups aboard The Phoenix. After evaluating several leads, they decide on visiting Damaris but first they need to buy or find one thousand slaves. Mirrabe establishes a contact in the Port Wander underground who happens to have enough slaves on site. A smuggling operation is set up to bring them aboard the ship.

While in the markets Gabriel is greeted with a familiar voice, “Hey Gabs”. Jeremiah Blitz smiles at Gabriel. “I heard about the warehouse. You are such a knave but it is entertaining watching you bumble around space. There are so many strings pulling you around and you just follow them.” Jeremiah turns to Mirrabe and says, “You sure you want to travel with him Red? You can always join my ship. Speaking of ships. I would be careful with that one. Report are the Adeptus Mechanicus is very interested in some technologies aboard. Mainly a cloaking device and the nova cannon weapon.”

The away team travel back to the docks and are prevented from taking the shuttle. The guard captain says no passengers are allowed to enter the ship because it is being confiscated by the Adeptus Mechanicus. A persuasive bribe allows the team to board while the guards are ‘on a break’.

The Phoenix launches from Port Wander only to be intercepted by two attack craft and a military cruiser. “Your ship is now the property of the Port Wander guard. Failure to stop will bring about your destruction.” With that order, Gabriel accelerates away from the cruiser.

The two attackcraft quickly pursue and launch an attack on The Phoenix. Mennias takes control of one the weapon systems and blasts one attacking vessel into scraps, while Malachi tries to seance with the Machine Spirit to activate the cloaking system. An intense chase begins. Gabriel takes control of the ship and begins evasive maneuvers, Roland begins his navigator rituals to plot a course to Damaris, the rest of the team quickly command teams for damage control. Gideon takes this opportunity to intimidate Queen Ziyi hoping to acquire information about how to break the link between her and Mirrabe.

The cruiser in pursuit places a deadly volley which cripples The Pheonix. Mirrabe grabs a communicator and calls in a favor. The wounded ship continues its escape attempt and Gideon finds himself alone locked in the Queen’s cell. Her psychic powers prove a bit much for his fortitude. Using his maho translocation ability he begins tracking her within the ship. He spots her on one of the ships monitors and head quickly to the flight deck to intercept her.

A massive explosion rocks the chasing cruiser and Jeremiah Blitz announces, “You’re welcome.” Jeremiah’s grand cruiser escapes rather than delivering a killing blow to the enforcer’s cruiser.

Roland continues to prepare for warp translation while a standoff begins on the flight deck. Mennias track’s the Queen onto the flight deck and enters from the opposite side. Malachi enters from behind the queen and Gideon enters from the side. Queen Ziyi is making a dash for one of the transports so Mirrabe hacks into the security system and locks the bay doors and disables the transports. Suddenly, an explosion rips the bay doors off the deck and the atmosphere gets sucked out of the dock. Mennias manages to reach the Queen despite the winds only to be struck by a bullet from Gideon. Ziyi is still in complete control of Gideon and willed him to shoot at Mennias. While Mennias is staggered by the shot Ziyi takes this opportunity to lock herself into a transport.

Roland finally translates the ship into the warp and the vacuum is rent by the activation of the Gellar Field. The team discusses an agreement with Ziyi. She agrees to release Gideon and Mirrabe if they let her leave at the next civilized world. She used the transport as a cabin and the crew avoid the flight deck and lock her in that area.

“Sir I think you should see this.” announces an engineer to Malachi. When Malachi arrives in the engineering deck he sees the black tar like substance the engineer pointed out. The ichor is pulsating like its has a heartbeat. Abrubtly, the ooze launches out at Malachi and it burns like acid wherever it touches. Malachi levels his bolt pistol at the creature and blasts it into particles. Something foreign is aboard the ship.



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