Rogue Trader

Episode X

New Hope

The weeks of scavenging for food and shelter has taken a toll on the stranded team. They are weakened from a lack of nourishment and rest. The planet has set out to destroy the will of the crew. Wildlife continues to attack the crew and plants found are poisonous or outright deadly predators. One night five infected zombies attack the crew who have taken refuge at the guncutter crash site. A frenzied battle occurs in the minimal light of the campfire. The crew eventually subdue the attackers but are exhausted and wounded as a result.

The next morning hope arrives. In the distance three ships are heading toward the shores. The ships are large sailing vessels which moor themselves hundreds of yards offshore. Several boats row toward the crash site. Men, dressed in samurai armor, exit the the boats and are led by a leader with a sun banner hoisted above him.

Their leader approaches the team on shore while his army begins to circle the group. The team raises their arms in surrender when Roland uses his warp eye to blast the commander. Immediately arrows are loosed at the team. Roland is pierced by five of them and collapses in the sand; nearing death. The rest of the crew is forced into the earth face first by ranting warriors. They speak a language similar to low gothic but too distant to be understood. Once the commander awakens from the warp blast he takes his wakizashi and removes Roland’s right thumb.

The team is taken aboard the moored vessels as prisoners. Their wounds are treated and after a several day journey they are taken above. The ship is approaching a grand city built into the hills. The team is escorted into the main palace and are forced to bow in front of the queen. To the teams surprise the queen lets them go and gives Mirrabe a warm hug. She is from Mosul the same planet as Mirrabe. She has been the queen of these people for some time but longs to leave the planet and start a new ‘equal’ civilization.

The team is given quarters in the palace along with silk robes. They are the guests of honor at a banquet for the queen.



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